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My tenth stop in my Regency Journey is to look at some of the various Regency accessories that will complement my Regency ensemble.

Accessories for a Regency costume

Once you have your appropriate undergarments and outer garments, consider searching for some of the following items. This is what I will be taking to the Jane Austen Festival.

  • Reticules – I made mine!
  • A fan or two or three – I have a bit of a collection going.

Some of my fan collection. The plainer ones are probably more strictly Regency.

  • Elbow length gloves for evening wear – Regency ones are a little baggy around the elbows.

A few of my vintage glove collection. The shorter ones will do for daywear if it is cold, but the longer ones reach to my elbow and have pearl buttons on them, which will match my gown nicely.

  • Jewellery – Little crucifixes on necklaces were very popular. I am also taking some pearls for the ball.

Some pretty pearls! I have yet to find a crucifix that looks right for Regency.

  • Headwear – I have made two bonnets which will match my day dresses. Evening headwear includes ostrich plums or turbans, but instead of making these I decided to dress my hair with ribbon or a length of pearls for the ball.

My two bonnets, for day wear

  • Shoes  – For during the day, half boots or ankle length leather boots were worn. For the evening, flat slippers or ballet flats can be used for dancing.
  • Parasol – Whilst lovely and elegant for a Regency picnic, this is more of a desirable extra!
The final stop on my Regency Journey will be to practise some Regency hairstyles. – coming soon!

You can follow all of these posts in order at My Regency Journey.

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